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When the Puck Drops I remember watching center Wayne Gretzky gracefully shred down the ice along side allies and enemies alike as I sat low behind the boards by the frozen plane. I remember seeing him maneuver the small disc through the legs of the opposition in a quest to reach the objective of every hockey player. I remember seeing the one inch thick, 7.5-cm wide mold of composite rubber glide briskly off the stick of this model athlete and into a stick cradled by the able hands of right wing Luc Robitaille. I remember Robitaille lifting his stick; my heart dropping for a split second as the puck prepares to fly like a hawk diving to its kill. In a mere second after that, I remember my heart plummeting again as the black disc careened through the air past nine other men fighting, as if the battle were of life and death, for a single tally mark in the wins column.

I remember the puck's continual flight past the sole man with no other motive but stop that object at any means necessary and I remember watching it spring into a cord net as if it had hit a strategic assault in that battle for supremacy. I remember jumping to my feet in awe, once again struck with the appreciation for the game and the passion that I have for it.

Since the 1850s, ice hockey has dominated sporting activity in Canada before leaking throughout the world, and captivating audiences around the globe. Hockey is one of few sports that is participated by superstars across the world, from Asia to Europe to North America. Six men on each side battle down an ice rink for the possession of a disc of frozen composite rubber. Their purpose, besides entertaining...