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I think every person has a role model that they can look up to. This person is a vital part of their life, they shape them as a person, and develop their morals and values. For me this person is my mother, Toni Stewart.

My mother "started young", as some would say. Becoming pregnant at seventeen, a mother by eighteen, and losing her father all at the same time, she was faced with reality at a very young age. Taking on the responsibility of motherhood when you yourself are still only a child takes such courage, devotion, and hard work and for that I look up to my mother. She sacrificed her teenage years in an effort to make my childhood everything hers was not.

Growing up, for my mother, was not exactly a fairy tale. Just like me, my mother grew up with a young mom as well. However, my grandmother was only sixteen when she gave birth for the first time.

Unfortunately, at these times teen pregnancy was not as common as it is now, and my grandmother was constantly looked down upon for that. Because of this my grandmother was never very affectionate with my mother, and tended to put on the responsibility of raising and taking care of my mom on my great grandmother.

My mothers rough childhood really shaped the person that she is. She is one of the most hard working people I have ever known. Even with a baby on her hip she was still able to work full time as a waitress, finish high school, and even go to college.

One of the earliest memories I have of my mom was at a photography studio. In between classes and working, my mother also did modeling at a bridal company for extra...