Profitability and Reliability of Qantas Airways Ltd after September 11th An examination of Qantas` annual report in order to evaluate its financial situation.

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2.Group Revenue

2.1Financial Performance

2.2International Operations

2.3Domestic Operations

2.4Subsidiary Operations





5.The Effects Of September The 11th

6.Current Situation and Workforce


8. References and Appendix

Qantas Airways Limited

This report is aimed at assessing the profitability and reliability of Qantas Airways Ltd. After a brief introduction of the company, the report will examine its annual report in order to evaluate its financial situation. It will mainly be looking at financial figures from the year 2001 and 2002. This report will then investigate the risk it involves as an investment and how it has coped with the change in market conditions after September the 11th, its current situation and what might effect the company in the future. It will conclude with some recommendations and prospects for the future.


Qantas Airways Limited is an Australian Airline company that is primarily engaged in the provision of air transportation of passengers and freight.

It was founded 1920 and originally registered as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS). It is Australia's largest domestic and international airline. It operates a fleet of 187 aircraft, serving 142 destinations in 32 countries. The company has an extensive network that spans throughout Australia and 31 other countries in Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe and southern Africa ( In addition, the company is engaged in the provision of tour and travelling services; the sale of packaged tours; the production and distribution of meals; the provision of catering services, and the provision of passenger handling services. Its subsidiaries are QantasLink, an Australian airline company that operates 380 flights daily, Qantas Flight Catering Holdings, which manages seven catering centres in six Australian ports and Qantas Holidays, which offers a...