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In designing a new system database there are a number of issues that need to be addressed. Firstly we need to know the purpose of the system, what it will be used for, how many people will be used by and an idea of how big the system will be. In building the new system there are issues related to the infrastructure that also need to be looked at, firstly the cost. We know that the budget for development is generous, but at the same time we also know that the budget for maintenance is scarce. With any system of such size, security is also an issue. With so many personal details being held on a system and even just the purpose for which it is being used means that we would want the system to be secured in a number of ways, this including data integrity and the prevention of unauthorized access.

The need for databases is the heart of running the business.

The cost of developing the system is important; even with a high budget it would be wrong to waste money because it is readily available. It is important to spend on the things that need spending on, and not produce extra cost with software that serves no real purpose but might be of use one day, because by the time that day comes it will probably be out of date.

Security is always an issue when addressing large systems, especially even more when they hold personal details which may violate data protection laws if not given restricted access. Likewise such sized systems may also be victim to hacker attacks, whether through a network or perhaps the internet should the admissions system be integrated online. According to the specification McBride Financial Service gets a large number of...