Programming languages used in the workplace.

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Throughout my years of experience in the Information Technology field, I have dealt with numerous software developers whose jobs ranged from Web application development, to device driver software found in computers; and everything in between. To talk about programming languages used, I could not limit this to my current job. In order to provide a thorough analysis of the programming languages used, I am also using information obtained at my previous job at Sony Electronics through interviews.

Currently in the NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Intranet) environment; particularly in the area I work, there are a few developers that mostly deal with web application development. After speaking with a few of the developers, I found most of them using languages like Visual Basic and SQL (Interview: Shane McDarby). Due to the environment being a part of the Department of Defense, the programs used have been purchased through another vendor, or purchased commercial-off-the-shelf by a defense contractor.

The reason why the particular programming languages were chosen is because they are both Microsoft based, and due to the simplicity and reliability throughout technology industries, these programming languages have proven their worth. Since the developers in this environment use Visual Basic and SQL primarily for developing web applications and other interactive interfaces, the GUI friendly Microsoft based programming languages prove optimal.

In my previous occupation as a Network Analyst at Sony Electronics, the environment is much different. The software developer I spoke with stated that there are numerous programming languages used in their environment, and while they were not able to disclose all of the particular languages used, they did state that the "C" language was used for not only the development of the drivers used on the Sony Vaio computers, but the testing of these computers on the assembly line. The...