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The Corrections Task Force Unit has been asked to come up with programs for inmates while they are in jail and for when they get out. The CTFU has come up with some helpful programs that will benefit the prisoners while they are in jail and when they get released.

Prison ProgramsThe most important program would be an education program. New Harmony will provide GED classes for those inmates who have not obtained their high school diploma. To receive a GED the inmate will have to be enrolled in a literacy program for a minimum of 250 hours or more depending on the inmate. For those inmates who do not speak English, New Harmony will have a mandatory class that teaches the English language. Special education classes will also be available for those who have learning disabilities. Parenting classes will also be available for those who wish to have the appropriate skills to take care of their children when they get released.

New Harmony will also have nutrition courses so that the inmates can learn how to stay healthy by eating healthy. New Harmony will also allow colleges to provide college level courses for those who are eligible. Note that the inmates will need to have a way to pay for these college level courses; financial advisors will be available to help with financial aid, grants, and scholarships.

Entering back into society after being released from corrections can be a difficult process. Family members may not be prepared; neighbors and others in the community may be uncomfortable. "Ex-offenders often return to their community the way they went into prison: lacking adequate education, with little or no access to labor markets, and with few or no connections to positive social support networks" (DOJ, 2009). This is why a supportive community can...