Progressives versus New Dealers

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Jacob Moore

History 153

Kennith Kolander

Midterm Assignment

Historians continue to argue over the interpretations of our American history but one thing will never change and that is its all written down in the history books for the remainder of time. Throughout our countries time scale many reform movements and government plans have been introduced to our society. Two of the major ones that arrived at the beginning of the 19 th century are the Progressive movement and the New Deal proposed by Franklin Roosevelt. The Progressive movement and the new deal had many similarities and differences but both impacted American society greatly during their respective times. The New Deal and the progressive movement were similar in the sense that the New deal took many of the progressive ideals and put them into effect, but they also differed in many ways, the New Deal moved away from the idea of country assimilation and instead embraced the idea of the United States being a pluralist nation. The progressive and New Deal era created unprecedented amounts of government policies and programs that worked to improve the living standard of the average American citizen by pulling them away from the poverty line by increasing incomes and creating safer and better work environments, but these two movements also have many differences, the progressives focused more on the individual and individual rights where as the New Dealers focused primarily on providing jobs and decreasing poverty nation wide.

From the beginning both the Progressive movement and the New Deal were started by economic slumps and depression. The start of the progressive movement was in the late 1800's when the government idea of Laissez Faire government was brought into the spotlight. Many americans were unemployed and struggling to make ends meet during this time period. Politicians...