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iNet Designs, Inc, a web development firm,.was founded in 1990 and has clients ranging in size from large public entities, start-up companies and private corporations. iNet Designs, Inc. delivers solutions in consulting, design, development, hosting and promotion across the nation. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, iNet Designs, Inc.has 4 satellite offices, 1 each in Jersey City, NJ, St. Paul, MN, West Palm Beach, FL and Chicago, IL Employing over 350 people, iNet Designs, Inc. built its high reputation on both superior work and quality customer service.

iNet Organizational Chart

Statement of need

A recent market survey analysis was spearheaded by iNet Designs, Inc, in conjunction with a contracted survey and data analysis institution. Result determined that iNet has lost 20% of its market share due to a) lack of the ability to respond to clients requests quickly enough, b) competition using easier network-based strategies for their clients. Archie Techt, Systems Director, approached iNet's IT Department with a request to investigate and implement a project solution.

INet Designs needs to recapture lost market share and strengthen the company's competitive role in the industry.

Summary of Expected Statement of work

Upgrade the current network system to add e-Commerce capabilities. This will offer clients access to do business with iNet Designs, Inc. online, and allows iNet Designs, Inc.the ability to do business with vendors in a quicker, less expensive way

Summary of Benefits

e-Commerce capabilities will offer the means by which clients can do business with iNet Designs, a quicker and easier fashion, gaining access to an estimated 35 percent more clients nationwide. Moreover, the online abilities to schedule work based on client's business requirements will save an estimated 17 man-hours of investigative work per job, and reduce expenses by 27 percent. Intangible benefits, such as company reputation and quality customer service will...