Project analysis for the European fighter aircraft

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Project analysis for the European fighter aircraft

Introduction of the Eurofighter

The Eurofighter project, is the biggest European project which had original started at 1983, it consist of a number European country jointed together to develop a military aircraft which known as Typhoon. The aircraft itself have finally in production and service at the moment, but before of this, the project have faced many critical problem in the Technical, political and economical problem. Such as the project has concluded with 50 billion, costs at 30billion over budget, and also 5 years delay for the whole project. There was a debate about is this project is Success or failure. We can investigate by some of the surface statement. e.g. The divergences in national requirements for a European fighter led France to withdraw from the project in 1985, after that the declining defence spending and allocation of work between the partners, which had increased cost and future delay of the project.

The good side is the project itself it's the project bought the economical benefit - approximate fifteen thousand of jobs in the aerospace industry and the related business, over 400 companies were involved in the 65.3 billion programmes. Because of this, it will improve the employment rate and the technical development of the involved country.

        Due to the project it has different kinds of characteristic. It just too hard to define is this one a successful project or a failure, in management of view: this project is a failure if they are more concern about the over-budget and the time taken to process for the aircraft. But in the other way if are more concern about the process itself, it was a success not only for technology to develop the fighter aircraft, but it was a biggest success to the European...