Project Brief

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Project Brief

Come and play

Creative play Childcare Center


The business name of this project is Creative Play Child Care Centre and the type of business is to provide childcare.

The project brief identifies what type of administration systems will be used in the business, the systems needed, standards applied to the documentation systems, how the administration systems affects the business and why the system needs to be reviewed.

Administration systems

The administration system in this business

Complaint systems



Child Care Management System

Human Resources




Standards apply

The standards that apply at Creative Play Childcare Centre are Industry Standards.

Run the systems

Software: Microsoft office, ant virus software, windows 8

Hardware: Computer, printer, scanner, filing system

Facilities: Toilets, indoor play spaces, kitchen, outdoor play area, laundry, office and indoor storage

Equipment: Desks, table, chair, toys and materials, child sized furniture, sink with cabinet to store dishes, beds, dresser, display and other furnishing such as washer/dryer, cooking utensils, cleaning utensils.

Personnel and processes: Manager, teachers, accountant, assistant, Director. Floaters: extra teacher who go where they are needed/ to keep the child ratios.

Procedures: For each task the business will use manual procedures and a style guide for the procedures to be easy and coherent.

Administration system effect

Administration system connects different departments through the management information and the flow of communication. If the administration systems do not connect well the system will give problems in communication between department and more time will be required to solve problems.

Review the systems

In the meantime, it is prudent to consider the many administration system elements needed to be re-considered. This is to ensure the systems will continue to work well due to of the constant system changes in this environment.

Stakeholders- Necessary - Consultation...