This was a project i did talking about the backhand shot in tennis.

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Backhand Information

Forget everything you have heard about the backhand for a moment.

There is too much over teaching on this shot.

Now ask what the fundamentals are.

*Get the ball over the net







And with some self-confidence you are ready to begin to work on the backhands.


The backhand has many variations based upon footwork, grip and use of one or two hands. We can specify the following types of backhand strokes; Classic One Handed Backhand topspin, Open Stance Backhand topspin, Flat backhand drive, Side Spin Backhand, Low Slice Backhand, High Ball Slice Backhand, Closed stance Two Hander, Open Stance Two Hander, Two handed Lift, Two Handed Slice Backhand, One Handed Block, and Two Handed Block. We have identified 12 variations on the backhand and there are even further differences with respect to grips and point of contact. In the above each has an optimum range and acceptable range to hit the ball as well as correct footwork to establish balance.

Backswings and Follow throughs can and also have variations which will be discussed.

Classic One Handed Backhand Topspin

The best way to understand the one handed backhand is to determine to minimize the action. With the forehand the arm is behind the body and comes past the torso helping the action of the swing. The backhand is taken with the arm in front of the torso and does not allow for the variation of movement in the shoulder. The shoulder must act as a pivot and the arm must swing from it without wrist action. The action is simple and direct.

Begin by standing on the center strip holding the racquet with both hands in front of your body as loose as possible. By letting the arms hang and the...