This is a project is on earthquakes in Canada. what they are, how they are formed, how to act before,during and after an earthquake.

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Tornadoes in Canada

Tornadoes in Canada are very important to study because on average eighty tornadoes occur causing

about two deaths, twenty injuries and millions of dollars of damage each year. Even though tornadoes are

one of the smallest storms in area they can be the most severe! To reduce the number of deaths and injuries

caused by tornadoes everyone should know what to do to survive a tornado, when tornadoes occur, if they

live in an area where tornadoes occur frequently, how tornadoes are measured, how they are created, and

the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.

Surviving a Tornado

Before a Tornado

Before a tornado occurs everyone should conduct tornado drills each tornado season. Everyone should

designate an area in their home as a shelter, and practice having everyone in the family go there in response

to a tornado threat. Discuss with family members the difference between a "tornado watch" and a "tornado

warning." Have disaster supplies on hand including, flashlights and extra batteries, portable battery-

operated radio and extra batteries, first aid kit, emergency food and water, non-electric can opener, essential

medicines, cash and credit cards and sturdy shoes. Mobile homes are particularly vulnerable. A mobile

home can overturn very easily even if precautions have been taken to tie down the unit. When a tornado

warning is issued, take shelter in a building with a strong foundation. If shelter is not available, lie in ditch

or low-lying area a safe distance away from the unit.

During a Tornado

During a tornado if you are at home go at once to a windowless, interior room, storm cellar, basement,

or lowest level of the building. If there is no basement, go to an inner hallway or a smaller inner room

without windows, such as a bathroom...