Project Management

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Project Management - PROJEK-H

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30 April 2008

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Question 1.1

Paper Framework


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Question 1.2

System's viewpoint of management;

Classical viewpoint of management;

Behavioural viewpoint of management;

Distinguishing the system's viewpoint from the classical and behavioural viewpoints.





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Question 1.3

The definition and goals of a project;

The need for and principal components of project management;

The characteristics of projects and project management;

The application criteria and different forms of project management;

The different project environments where project management may be applied;

A summary of the reasons why I regard project management as dynamic.


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Question 1.4

Explaining "There is so much talk about the system. And so little understanding" (Robert M. Pirsig);

Distinguishing between a project as a system versus a project for the purpose of creating systems by means of the ten most common system terms (principles and concepts).

Question 1.5

Explaining the systems approach to management and its relation to the systems view of a project, and providing the following:

The three main characteristics of systems management;

An evaluation of the project manager's role in systems engineering;

Reasons why a project is divided into life cycle phases.



Question 1.1

Explain the paper framework in the study guide in your own words.

The paper framework as shown in the Study Guide (PROJEK-H Study guide 2005:IX), is divided into six topics, with specific study units allocated to each topic, that takes one through the process of project management from the very beginning (breaking new ground and laying the foundations) to the very end (when the project is complete and the goals of the project have been achieved), providing the critical knowledge required to be a...