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M.Sc. Project Management - AssignmentBriefA large company has tasked you with organizing a Halloween Team Building Event. The event will last two days and nights. It is essential that you organize and arrange a series of team building activities and arrange suitable accommodation and food for the participants. All aspects of this event, coordination and planning, are under your control.

1. Using the theory provided, highlight the characteristics required for your team.

There is a comprehension between the team members of the purpose. Communication and cohesion are too required characteristics for the team, communication like free discussions between the team members about the common goal and problems of the task to strengthen the cohesion of the group. And the problems of the task should be solved with general agreement of the group members.

The team needs a reward system not just for individual performance but for team performance and the team needs the ability to provide the necessary training in skills to enable the team achieve the tasks.

2. Determine team composition.

Vital are the team leader and some executive assistance to manage and coordinate the team. They have to delegate the work and they have to respond to changing occurrences.

In background there have to be the planning division to research and investigate the location and supply. They have to get every information is needed by the team.

The active part of the team will be the operatives, they will direct fill orders and get the supply and equipment. They are the workers.

The service executives of the team will have the contact with the participants of the event, will lead the activities and guide the clients.

3. Explain why activities are included and relate to the theoryActivities are necessary part of checking the team performance and the team...