Project Management

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Introduction and Summary

A project is a collection of activities and tasks, designed to achieve a goal with a definite beginning and an end, keeping a track of cost and time (Hartley, 2009). And project management is the management of activities and tasks under a lot of complex conditions which is accompanied by certain levels of complexity and interdependencies (Robinson & Richards, 2009). For the success of a project, the project managers' are usually the key factors because the entire process, from starting till the delivery of the project is handled by the project manager with consecutive communication, within and outside the team. Brenner (2007) claims that a manager can successfully complete the project within the set time line and budget and also keeping in mind client satisfaction, if he has a team that enjoys work and support each other. For example the eCRM project, where the main development of the project was to be handled at the North American headquarters and the inputs were provided by other countries.

The scope management was completely taken care at the headquarters. But this project failed to initiate or take a start. The main barrier for success of this project was communication; the projects progress was not communicated on a regular basis and the reason for employees to be under confident. There was serious communication gap between the teams globally (McLaughlin, 2010). Another example for lack of communication is where Ford and Bridgestone Firestone lost billions of dollars because they did not coordinate the design of tires with the vehicle design (Sosa, Eppinger & Rowles, 2007). This essay would go on to discuss the importance of project management and the stages of a project to the development and the role of project managers' throughout the process and the boundaries across which the project...