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Stakeholders can include managers, designers and users of a system. Stakeholders can have an impact on or impacted by a project. They can have negative or positive view of a project. This view needs to be taken into account in order for a project to be successful. This paper presents an evaluation about IT project management and stakeholders. The paper examines IT project management and why it is important to the success of IT projects to get the project stakeholders involved at the conception of a project. Furthermore, the paper critically discusses the numerous ways project stakeholders and users input can be utilised throughout the various stages of the project to help ensure the successful delivery of the project.

1 Introduction

Information technology is still in its early stage of growth and development. J.Walker (2003), founder of, says that our ability to collect, analyze, manage, and use information is just in its infancy.

Information systems will make our time look as backwards as the first railroads now look in the history of transportation (Walker, 2003).

Information Technology project management is continuously developing since the early stages of the technology. IT Projects depend mainly on the support of the stakeholders and users involved. J. Wateridge (1995) says that a possible criteria which could be used to measure the success of a IT project is the benefits to the many stakeholders involved with the project such as the users, customers or the project staff. Without the support of stakeholders, IT projects could run into problems that can result in the failure of the project. But with the support of stakeholders, problems that are discovered are dealt with and the project can continue to progress.

According to Koontz (2003), Director of Information Management Issues at the U.S General Accounting Office, stakeholders...