Project Management

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1- Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------3

2- Objective of the Project ------------------------------------------------3

3- Phases of Project---------------------------------------------------------4

4- Phase 1 of the Project ---------------------------------------------------5

5- Comparison of UK and Romania transport system------------------7

6- Phase 2 of the Project --------------------------------------------------12

7- Phase 3 of the Project---------------------------------------------------15

8- Risk involved in project------------------------------------------------17

9- Calculating duration and budget of the project----------------------20

10-Conclusion ---------------------------------------------------------------21

11- References ---------------------------------------------------------------23

12-.Biblography------------------------------------------------------------- 24

Project Management


Exacta Auto Fabrication Plc. a UK based company that makes components for the automotive industry. In the current year they are facing problems, as there is demand for reduction in cost, increase dividends and better transport. At the present location that is situated near Nottingham it is not possible to decrease the cost of manufacturing because of the high labor rate as direct labor costs currently make up 40% of their overall cost. Another problem is the transport as because of narrow local lanes when heavy lorries tries to gain access to the site it becomes difficult for them to move goods from one location to another.

Considering companies future it is important to eliminate all these problems and work on the proposal, which is to relocate the site to Western Romania.

Objective of this project is to:

(a) Reduce labour cost

(b) Increase dividends

(c) Improve Supply Chain

(d) Better Transport Facilities

Finally duration of the project and Budget required are mentioned in the conclusion of the Project report.

I have carried out the detailed research on the proposal and divided it in following phases.

Project will be carried out in three phases:

Phases 1-Western Romania

(i) Research on Romania

(ii) Risk involved in Western Romania

(iii) Stakeholders

(iv) Technical aspects

(v) Recruitment

(vi) Training

(vii) Contractual Strategy and control

Phase 2-Shepton Maltravers

(i) Check on Inventory

(ii) Dealing with stake holder's...