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Compumart is a company that assembles, distributes and installing computers upon special order. Our company gives the client the choice of making his own PC by choosing his own specifications, design, programs and accessories. In addition the company offers after sale services which include maintenance, warrantee repairs and upgrading.

Our company is made up of several departments with the lead of the GM. We have the maintenance, accounting, marketing, warehouse, assembly and programming department.

Concept and initiation phase :

Dot.Net is a new company that is planning on opening several internet cafes across Lebanon. We have received their request for our pricelists, and upon that we sent them our quotations. A few days later we got an order for 200 computers of following specifications:

1.Pentium 4 2.0GHz with M745 processor.

2.2 MB cache


4.80 GB hard disk(7200 RPM)

5.VGA 128 MB

6.DVD/CD/DVD-RW combo

7.Network card and TV tuner

8.LCD Monitor: l7"

It was established that the company has the capacity to fulfill the order in a month. After assigning the project manager a handover meeting is conducted with all the stakeholders to make sure that all has been understood and taken care of before getting on to the next phase. The PM has to ensure that all has been covered in the TOR and that the TOR is signed by the client.

Design and development phase:

The general manager invited all department managers for a meeting to set up the team, schedules, and a budget.

He announced that if the project is completed within the set times the team will get five days off paid.

The team consists of:

1.Project manager

2.Assembly manager with 5 workers

3.Programming manager with 5 programmers

4.8 packaging personnel

5.6 installation personnel

6.1 accountant...