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Table of Contents1.Background and Scope Statement2.MBL Programme3.Resources3.1Analysis of available resources3.2 Constraints of time & availability4.Risk Management4.1Identification of possible risks4.2Evaluation of potential impact4.3Development of risk mitigation & control plans5.Project Performance5.1 Project Success and other relevant factors6.Programme planning and scheduling6.1Group structure6.2Scheduling of project activities6.3Updating of performance7.Project control and measurement7.1Project control mechanisms7.2Management of non-performance8.Annexure8.1Project Plan9.References1. Background and Scope StatementBackgroundThis report is a consolidation of the agreed approach that the Centurion 3 group "The Hunters" will be utilising to successfully complete the MBL programme by 2009. Elements such as resources, risk management, project performance, project planning and scheduling, project control and measurement, etc will be elaborated upon. We also seek to define the group's vision, mission, objectives, values, etc in the quest to be successful in the programme.

CEO of the Unisa SBL, Dr David N. Abdulai, alluded that "The SBL is well positioned to equip business managers and leaders with the skills and knowledge to thrive in today's demanding but complex business environment "CEO vol 6 No 3 - 2007.

It is for this reason the members of the group chose the Unisa SBL to enable them to be meaningful players in their areas of employment and the rest of society at large. The SBL' blend of full-time lecturers, study groups, self tuition, and flexible distance education will also enable the team members to cope with social and employment responsibilities whilst eliciting and growing their leadership capabilities.

Scope StatementThe main reason (aim) for the project team to embark on the Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) programme is so that each member of the team can increase and enhance his/her business acumen and business leadership skills and gain invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge which can be used to advance business decisions in the workplace...