Project Management Skills

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Project Planning Skills

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Project Planning Skills


The skills of management of projects are essential for all project managers, and any other directors who control complex tasks and tasks, because complex tasks are projects. The qualifications of management of projects are essential for any complex task, where various results are possible, requiring planning and evaluating options, and organizing tasks and resources to provide а result.

The projects come in all forms and faces, of small and frankly extremely with large and strongly complex. (Charette, 2006, 21) The management of projects can be concerned by anything: people, products, services, materials, production, HIM and communications, factories and equipment, storage, distribution, logistics, buildings and places, personnel and management, finances, administration, acquisition, investment withdrawal, purchase, sales, being sold, development of marketing, human resources, formation, culture, service to customers and new of relations, quality, health and safety, legal, technical and scientific products, new development of businesses; and in any combination.

(Charette, 2006, 21)

The generic skills of Project Planning

The management of projects, for all large or small projects, should follow this simple process: Process of management of projects

1. Be appropriate precise specifications for project.

2. Envisage project - time, group, tasks, resources, and finances.

3. Communicate plan of project to your group responsible for project.

4. Be appropriate and delegate actions of project.

5. Control, motivate, inform, encourage, and allow group responsible for project.

6. Control, measurement, progress of project of review; adjust plans of project, and inform group responsible for project and others.

7. Achieve project; review and report/ratio on implementation of project; give praise and mercies to group responsible for project.

Agree precise specification for project

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