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*Poem title (The Caged Bird)

*Brief introduce about the poem such as the author and the author's biography

*chosen literary aspect (themes)

*points of the literary aspect (topic sentence)

Body paragraph 1

Brief synopsis

Reasons choosing this book

Body paragraph 2

Difficulties of racial discrimination

Equal rights are not given to justice

Body paragraph 3

Blacks were servile and bounded by tradition

Can't have freedom to move about

Body paragraph 4

Black women biography visible while white woman has opportunity to develop biography

black people created hatred towards the white people

Body paragraph 5

current issue related to black people

comparison of past and current issue of black people


Topic sentence

Importance of good characteristics in ourselves

Future will reduce with number of racism cases and happy life will be leaded.

The Caged Bird

Have you ever wondered when discrimination ever started? If we look throughout history, it began with slavery in 1865.

Since then barriers have been put up between races. Inequalities and division between the blacks and the whites have been existed since those days. It is a contradiction on how the past has made blacks to live as slaves and why racism and discrimination exists. During the era of white supremacy, the lives of African-American's were characterized by discrimination and limited opportunities. This was a period of African-American inferiority; which forced them to endure many inequities and injustices. This discrimination is a result of the tradition of whites. Blacks were forced to be servile and submissive due to these customs that were deeply ingrained in a prejudiced society. The only way for African-Americans to earn respect was for them to have a voice and stand up for their rights. In 'Caged Bird', Maya Angelou uses symbolism to develop the theme of oppression.

According to...