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Project Manager

The project manager has the most challenging responsibility in any organization. The project manager must design, build, and implement someone else's idea--an idea that is intangible and nearly invisible.

It is the job of the project manager to develop a complete understanding of the organization's needs, and then translate those requirements into a computer system. The system must be delivered within an agreed-upon timeframe, within budget, and it must work flawlessly the day the system is turned on.

Application Developer

Application Developer needs to develop web based tools and db interaction layers for a pop music site. The developer will receive functional and occasionally technical requirements and will implement processes designed to meet these requirements. The developer should also be capable of writing technical requirements from functional specifications. The developer will work with team members to ensure tools and processes meet performance and scalability standards.

* Participate in setting organizational Web development strategy.

* Develop and communicate Web site usage and security policies and standards to all users.

* Define Web site architecture and overall site structure.

* Install and configure HTTP servers and associated operating systems, and establish appropriate server directory trees.

* Identify, recommend, and prioritize new Web features and applications in conjunction with business leaders and department managers.

* Oversee Web development projects, including intranets and extranets.

* Develop, code, install, test, debug, and document Web applications using appropriate editors.

* Register Web servers and sites with domain name services.

* Establish policies and procedures for publishing Web pages and applications in conjunction with content creators.

* Update Web pages to ensure site accuracy and currency.

* Diagnose and troubleshoot problems with existing Web applications and sites.

* College diploma or university degree in the field of computer science and/or 2 years equivalent work experience.