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1.0 Introduction A team of Electronic Commerce consultants has been invited to assess, design and build a small intranet application for Superior Builders Merchants (SBM) for part of its business operation.

1.1 General Description of Project Superior Builders Merchants (SBM) is small private merchandising company selling building materials to the construction industry. With its increasing sales and inventory, the management of SBM would like to keep track and record of what are the saleable products and not saleable products. In addition, to improve their collection of debts from their customers, SBM would also like to monitor their customers by looking at how often they patronized SBM, what is their purchase volumes during transaction and which customer yields high profit for SBM.

1.2 Project Goals To develop an intranet application for SBM. Typically, Microsoft Access will be used to design and develop the databases for SBM as it is user-friendly and able to integrate into current SBM desktop system.

The goal for the intranet application is to allow SBM?s staff particularly the sales management to monitor, record and analyse the buying behavior of their customers and to determine the saleable level of SBM?s products.

1.3 Project Team Role Name Mobile No Email Address Project Leader Database Developer Presentation Coordinator Documentation Manager The project team consists of 4 members. Their contacts are as follows: s 1.4 1.4 Roles & Responsibilities This section describes the roles and responsibilities of each team member. Besides the roles mentioned here, everyone would take part in each other?s tasks as well, whenever assistance is required.

1.4.1 Project Leader · To oversee the whole progress of the project · To resolve any conflicts or arguments · To organize and distribute work evenly among team members · To lead the team in working on the project in an effective...