Project Plan Part II

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Project Plan Part III. Overall State of Work (SOW)The statement of work is a written statement provided by an organization to specifically describe the phases of work, the tasks and the areas of responsibility. The statement of work typically will include specific objectives and deliverables established by the contractor or project manager. Project specifications provide a description of the characteristics required to meet the performance and quality needs such as in inspecting, testing, and supply preparation. The statement of work is the basis for the performance of a contractor and used to develop and price proposals. The statement of work will also provide how changes will be implemented within the work being delivered. The statement of work is a contractual obligation between the customer and the contractor that details the performance standards and obligations. Any changes to the scope of work must be submitted in the form of a change order so that adjustments to the project can be made.

A well written statement of work should include it being smart, measurable, accountable, reasonable, and time-based.

The statement of work for Elite Relocation Services involves providing a seamless relocation transition for our customers by catering to their individual needs. For the Smith family relocation project we are given a time frame of four months to assist with the sale of the current home, the purchase of a new home, provide for the logistics for the transportation of property, the interior design of the new home, and concierge services. The scope of work and project specifications have been previously discussed and approved by the Smith family with project manager Jacob Bogs. The real estate objective will include Katherine Fernandez assisting the Smith family with locating a top real estate agent in both San Diego and Phoenix to sell their current home...