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Project Planning: Human Capital Paper


Project Planning-Human Capital Paper

The mission of the Find the Cure Cancer Center (FCCC) is to push the frontier of cancer research to develop novel cancer treatments. The FCCC is a nonprofit organization that has volunteers dedicated to prepare events and projects for this cause. As Team C moves forward with this gala dinner, there are a few more items that need some clarification for communication purposes. Communication is a very important aspect when working on a project as complex and large as a gala dinner. Communication will help track and analyze budget costs, time frames, and monitoring collection of donations. Communication will be used throughout the planning process. Communication is important and different there are many ways to communicate. Team C will cover in this paper a plan on how communication will be used from performance evaluations, project revisions, team performances and reporting to the stakeholders, to name a few.

Communication will be crucial in the success of this event.

Communication Management

The project manager has some very important tasks that include communication performance evaluations and providing those results to both management and the customer. The project manager's responsibility is to write a non-confidential performance evaluation for all functional employees from each department assigned to the gala dinner. The project manager will evaluate each member at the beginning of the project to address parts of the gala dinner he or she is responsible for fulfilling, with a timeline. After the gala dinner is complete, each volunteer will have an exit evaluation with the project manager describing how he or she believes each individual performed with his or her respective portion of...