Project planning and Execution

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Project planning and Execution

Article Reference

Hall, Mark Premier 100: Project management key to Lucent turnaround strategy

Computerworld (February 24, 2003) quick link #36592


With the deregulation of the telecommunication industries and the brake up of AT&T Corporation a boom in the technologies Inc., for project management and new IT projects. However with any booming market comes a bust. As its financial crisis become clear to top management at Lucent Technologies Inc, in 2001, it tried to cut cost by reducing the number of IT systems the company used. This was done by polling the business units directly and bypassing the IT departments. This process doomed Lucent senior manager in the chief information office to failure.

A spin off of AT&T just as the dot-com boom created a massive demand for telecommunications and networking gear and services, for Lucent. Between 1996and 2001 Lucent gobbled up 38 companies, the result a morass of 900 systems for Lucent's various IT systems to manage.

Then the boom went bust, cutting all five of those IT systems, became critical to Lucent's turn around plans. The key functional application adopted by the company was global project management software for Lucent World Wide Services, the company's largest division with more than 12,000 employees.

To align its systems, project manager and its project management tools Lucent chose the Lawson software application because it was already successfully running in the Netherlands and because the other, products under evaluation did not meet either functional or cost concerns. The Lawson software application was rolled out to 8,000 users in 36 countries. However, the North American division and the IT department will not transfer until late 2003. Tom Becker a senior manager acknowledged that, "there were many frights about the plan, but the need to eliminate the known expense...