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Information Technology is all the hardware, software, telecommunications, database management, and other information processing technologies used in computer- based information systems. IT helps create business strategies in many business fields, including Business Management. We will present the current standing of our IT development as well as improvements that can and should be made to increase company productivity. By further developing our IT infrastructure, our company can improve so that we have the most up to date technology available in our field. More specifically, we are going to present the possibilities associated with upgrading our current software, databases, and our telecommunications network within the organization. A few of the benefits that will be received will be increased collaboration, quicker, easier access to customer information as well as to supplier information.

Our production plant is based in San Jose and we distribute mainly to Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, and New York. We also do business with other companies in between these metropolitan areas.

Our products are sold to other businesses that use our software in their offices as well as to retailers for resale. We have offices in all four major cities that set up sales with possible clients. It is important that all four locations share common information with each other, as well as with the plant in San Jose, to make sure that there will be enough software to meet the demand for those cities as well as the surrounding areas. A close eye is always kept on inventory as we pride ourselves in having what consumers want and when they want it. Management of this inventory is currently done by hand at the plant before the products are shipped to their designated location.

For the remainder of this summary, we will discuss about our current situation in the IT...