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PHP Cart

CS 304 Project Paper

By Helen Wu and Jong-beom Kim


The Internet is an integral part of our lives. With it, we communicate, gather news, network with friends and colleagues, and share information and resources. Today, we see many businesses - large and small - using websites as a platform to sell a product or provide a service. However, we have realized that there is lack of a free, user-friendly interface that independent business owners can use to operate their businesses online.

For our CS 304 project, we wanted to provide business owners with PHP Cart, an easy-to-use online store interface to sell their products and services. The interface also allows Internet users to buy those products and services. The main purpose of the interface is to facilitate interactions and transactions between a business and its customers.

Functionality and Features

The customer's interface is accessible to any user on the World Wide Web. Its primarily purpose is to allow customers to browse and view products, and place orders for those products. The owner's interface is accessible only to the business owner and requires an administrative login. Its primary purpose is to allow business owners to manage their product inventory and orders.

Owner's Interface

In order for owners to successfully operate their businesses online, we implemented the following basic functionality:

Log in to the owner's portal,

Upload and edit product images and descriptions,

Manage inventory,

Manage orders received from customers.