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Every project manager is faced with the problem of how to estimate what it will take to accomplish the project's objectives. Estimating the time, cost, and resource is never simple, and the higher the stakes become, the more anxiety the estimate is. In order for the project planning, scheduling and controlling are to be effective; project manager must employ the methodology to accurately estimate time, cost and resources (Gray & Larson, 2005) One of the tools that helps project manager to lay out the requirement tasks for a project is to construct a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). WBS defines tasks that can be completed, facilitating resource allocation, and assigning responsibilities. This paper will outline the WBS and the time-phased budget for the Care+ project which will be implemented for The Managed Care Department of the hospital. Based on the outlined WBS, this paper discusses the data sets used by Learning Team A to determine the budget, the factors that could influence the estimate, and the micro approach the team takes to estimate the budget.

Finally, this paper also identifies and prioritizes major constraints that are associated with this project.

Work Breakdown Structure

In order to assure that all products and work elements are identified, the following Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the Care+ Project outlines the project with different levels of detail (Gray & Larson, 2005). The WBS assumes that the average salary for IT personnel including operator, programmer, analyst, managers is $91/hour. In addition, the additional data was supplied to the project manager.

- 3 servers needed for the project with each one costs $1,250

- Each server is required the purchasing of one backup software with the cost at $1,500 per copy

- The $450,000 cost of software also include the cost of software configuration, data conversion, training...