The project of stopping smoking

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1.         Introduction

1.1         Background

There are lots of students who complain about the smoking situation at P Block in QUT International College. Smoking brings a lot of bad effects to smokers and non-smokers. The non-smokers feel they are unjustly punished for someone elses' bad habits. Obviously, it is harmful to health. They can even dispose of the butts them on the ground without any concern. Therefore, P Blocks' surroundings have become very dirty. Students are complaining that the smoking areas are still too close to P Block. QUTIC wants to know more about the students' comments about smoking on campus. QUTIC will make some improvements that are related to the smoking area.

1.2         Objectives

QUTIC wants to know more about students' comments on smoking in campus. Address students concern to make recommendations for improvements. After finishing this research, QUTIC will establish stricter rules related to the smoking areas. The main solution is to raise students' awareness of smoking issues.

The location for smoking area should be considered. It is better to move away from the entrances. Not only will it bring a better image of QUTIC, but will give our students a better environment to study in with clear short and long term health benefits.


1.3         Method

Research was done before the questionnaires were delivered. For example, get smoking and quit smoking methods from web-sites like Quit Smoking (2003). The questionnaires were written with a specific target on the smoking issues in QUTIC. The data was collected on 30/8/2004 from QUT International College. Twenty respondents were chose to do this survey during lunch time. The respondents are within Foundation, Diploma, and general English programs.

1.4         Scopes

The investigation was limited to QUTIC, and there were only 20 people responding on this survey. It is not strong enough...