A promise To My Love

Essay by Baby_Girl_AL December 2004

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I believe that none could love you

quite as deeply as I do;

And yet i often fail to show

the depth of it to you.

I vow to do the little things,

to show you everyday;

but one thing or another

seems to get in the way.

I pledge to be more open,

to have courage and be strong

But somehow fear takes over

and then everything goes wrong.

I dream of perfect love for us,

and hope that it will be;

and yet I end up giving you

a less than perfect me.

I want to be much more for you,

be everything you need.

I hope and seek,beg and pray

"Change me Lord!" I plead.

You are the only one I want.

It is for you I yearn.

I can not give perfection,

But this I promise I will do-

I will spend my life time learning

how to give my love to you.