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For any product on the market promotion is the key aspect of a successful product. Advertising is the main means of promotion. Advertising can come in different formats the TV, Newspaper, magazines, Radio, Internet etc. Advertising help a product sell and makes customers aware that such product exists. It costs companies a lot to advertise however to have success in sales advertising must be good. The purpose of advertising is to inform customer about a new product to persuade them to buy the product and to remind the customers where the product can be purchased.

Focusing on the unique aspect of the product theme (Halal food that is healthy and nutritious), a mix of marketing vehicles will be created to convey the presence, the image and the message.

* Print media -- local newspapers, magazines and student publications

* Broadcast media -- local programming and special interest shows

* Hotel guides, concierge relations, Chamber of Commerce brochures

* Direct mail/Internet -- subscriber lists, offices for delivery

* Miscellaneous.

-- yellow pages, charity events

Print media


- The advertisement has size and shape, and can be as large as necessary to communicate as much information as you need.

- The distribution of the message can be limited to the geographic area.

- Fast closings - the advertisement created can be in the consumers hands in a matter of days.

- Readers are highly involved so they will likely pay more attention to the advertisement.

- Magazines have a targeted audience, so ads won't be wasted on uninterested individuals.


- Advertisement must compete for attention against many others.

- The short shelf life of newspapers means the ad will likely be thrown away the next day.

- Newspapers do not allow you to narrow down a target market, therefore you...