Promotion and price analysis.

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The Beer industry has been very competitive for many years and companies have to be creative on what medium they want to use to advertise their product. This paper will explain how the Beer industry uses television, Radio, and Publicity to get consumers familiar with their product and it will also explain the life cycle stages they are in.

Beer advertising is designed to reach adults 21 years of age and older in the most creative and entertaining way possible. The objective is to maintain loyal customers and convince those who do not drink their brand of beer to make a change over to their company. Promotional advertising is the final stage of a widespread marketing on how to best reach current and new beer drinkers. First Beer Company's identify those adults who are most likely to purchase their products. Next, they determine what their interest preferences are such as sports, music, humor, etc.

Their objective is to determine how to best convey their message to reach this audience in a memorable way. Because beer drinkers are many and diverse, it is necessary for Beer Company's to come up with new and more innovative ways to reach and entertain customers.

Television is one of the most effective ways to deliver an advertising message. There is no other avenue that can compare image advertising as well as brand reinforcement that television can impact on a consumer. Television therefore sets the beginning stages of the curiosity of the consumer. TV advertisement addresses these questions: What the product is? What does it do? How does it work? Will it work for me? The Beer industry use television when they want to gain mass coverage for their product and are looking for television to help build a brand image. Budweiser launched a campaign to...