Prompt: Was Romeo and Juliet's love true and strong or weak and superficial (provide examples from text)? Essay topic: Romeo and Juliet's love was weak and superficial.

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Love: a strong affection for another arising out of kinship, personal ties or attractable qualities. Infatuation: a foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction.

Dinner and a movie, the talk on the car-ride home, and the climatic goodnight kiss. This is the typical perfect date for teenagers. After this night of courting, the couple thinks they are in love, when in reality, it is just infatuation. These crushes are common with teens because the relationship is based on physical appearance instead of the human nature needing to be with someone. Romeo and Juliet is an ideal model of this.

Because both the upper class and working class viewed his playwrights, William Shakespeare had to provide various concepts in Romeo and Juliet to satisfy the different personalities. For the educated upper class, he included sexual innuendos and fast-paced discourse. For the tomato- throwing lower class, he included sword fighting conflicts between the rich and desirable death.

For many, he portrayed the theme of love as perfect and true. But the audience is often too distracted by Romeo's amorous actions and Juliet's sacrificial decisions to realize that their "love" is foolish, weak, and superficial. Shakespeare uses the personified fate, the words of Friar Laurence, and the words of Juliet and Romeo to show that their love is merely puppy-love.

To begin, fate is noticeably present throughout the play. For example, the chorus sings, "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their lives," (I.Prologue.6). When Romeo and Juliet were born, the stars were positioned in a way that interpreted into a bad and unlucky thing. The chorus also says that it is a pair of lovers. This means that a connection beyond friends with Romeo and Juliet could never occur because the stars had put a burden or curse on Romeo and Juliet as...