“Proof of God’s existence is irrelevant, what matters is faith.”

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“Proof of God’s existence is irrelevant, what matters is faith.”         I don’t totally agree with this statement. Though we know that faith believes in things we don’t see and faith is important to believe in God, still proof of God’s existence is very relevant. We all came into this world with the idea that we have a GOD. We may have been influenced by our elders and accepted this idea without questions. But we are rational beings; as we grow older we start to ask if GOD really does exist because we always find reasons for things. We may or may not believe in God’s existence. For those who believe that GOD exists, I want to suppose that they discovered the TRUTH of God being real. They believe in HIM not only for the sake of believing, they believe because they know! How do they know? It is here that they start to find proofs of God’s existence.

And since they proved God being real and felt HIS being real, their faith strengthens and they continue to hold on to those proofs and strongly believe in God’s existence.

PROSLOGIUM St. Anselm         The article is an argument as to whether there is truly a God or none. According to St. Anselm there is a God. He exists above all things. Though the nonbelievers thinks otherwise, they are convinced that something exists above all things in their own understanding at least. St. Anselm emphasized that understanding a thing and understanding it to exist are two different things. St. Anselm argues that God cannot be conceived not to exist. He said that it is most ridiculous to imagine of a creature greater than God for God is so great a being that HE cannot be imagined not to exist and that one cannot imagine something above HIM.