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He painted a self-portrait as himself as a soldier in 1915. Later on in 1938 Kirchner committed suicide. Most likely out of fear of what would happen to him if he didn’t do it himself. He would rather do it himself than let the Nazi’s take part in the pleasure of his death.

        The term “propaganda” is more often used than understood. Propaganda as defined in the dictionary is an attempt to influence behavior, by affecting through the use of mass media of communications, the manner in which a mass audience perceives meaning to the material world. Nazi propaganda was unique because it mixed the practical with mythical. Hitler, more than any twentieth century lead, implied the irrational by playing up the myths and symbols of his propaganda. Hitler’s propaganda focused on the renewal of pride in a German nation by getting rid of the Jew’s. The Jew’s had been stereotyped long before the Nazis began to prey upon the prejudice.

The Nazi party began to capitalize on the common man’s resentment of an urbanized money-centered world. The Jews widely represented that civilization very well, and then Hitler directed the majority of Nazi hate towards the Jews. According to Hitler, the war would be less of a struggle among nations than a fight between Aryans and Jews. As stated by Goring in 1942, “this is the Great Racial War. The meaning of this war…is to decide whether the German and Aryan will prevail, or if the Jew will rule the world.                 Some strategies that Hitler used to gain the publics attention by using propaganda was, one sided messages, personal influence, symbols, meaning the infamous Nazi symbol. Hitler was very good at using propaganda and censorship to lure in his parties of followers and believers. He also used propaganda and censorship to put the fear in the Jews and minorities he was trying to destroy. Hitler and his party will forever be remembered for the way they influenced the public or put the fear in the public. Propaganda and censorship can be used for many things, good or bad. They key thing is it is a very powerful tool in the world.