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I recently viewed your ad in Publisher's Weekly and am interested in acquiring space in your bookseller's show. As a new publisher it would be a great opportunity to showcase my new publications. My public relations campaign is slated to begin in May 2000 with ads in Publisher's Weekly and several art trade papers. I expect readership interest to increase in time for your show due to my campaign.

Prior to my career in publishing I was an airbrush artist. As promotion for my new title T-shirt Art, I plan to perform live airbrushing on t-shirts to demonstrate the techniques included in my book. Along with airbrushing, I have utilized these skills as a sign painter, and will be promoting my other book How to make Money in the Sign Painting Business.

I have enclosed a biography and photo of myself for you to utilize in your marketing of the show.

Please send me information regarding booth space so that I can make plans to attend. I look forward to this opportunity to promote my new publishing business.


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