The prophecy of George Orwell in "The Animal Farm".

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'"The longing for the better..." "The struggle for the future..." These thoughts are coming to my mind when I read this book. You read it and it holds your attention, does not let you go and keeps you feeling the pain, and the joy that you share with the main heroes, the animals. When you read you begin to be the one of the heroes and you are involved in the plot of the story with the whole your being. But the most "dangerous" consequence of this for your ego is that if you even was not against some things that had happened in the past (or was not aware of this) you begin to understand all the bad consequences of the deeds of the Soviet regime of those times, and you helplessly admit that the author is right...'

This is what can come to a mind of the most readers of this book.

This is what the author intended to do and really succeeded in, as I think. But I noticed some things that were not intended by the author. I mean that I consider it to be the omen of the events to come. It is a prophecy of the special kind and in some way it could (and may be did) change the coming future. This is not a "fairy story" it is a presentiment of the history in the deepest emotional experience and intimate sufferings on the basis of disillusion about the Soviet (and may be not just Soviet) socialistic political system by the author. This is what I am thinking about this book.

"Animal Farm" was written in the period of November 1943 - February 1944. It is the time of the World War II. During those times Soviet Union existed as a country with...