Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

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January 12, 2002 PROPHET MOHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) BY RAZI KHAN         In the desert of Arabia was Mohammad (PBUH) born, according to Muslim historians, on April 20, 571 AD. The name means “highly praised.” He is to every single Muslim the greatest mind among all the sons of Arabia. He means so much more than all the poets and kings that preceded him in that impenetrable desert of red sand. When he appeared Arabia was a desert, a nothing. Out of nothing a new world was fashioned by the mighty spirit of Mohammad (PBUH) -- a new life, a new culture, a new civilization, a new kingdom which extended from Morocco to the Indies and influenced the thought and life of three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. To write about Mohammad the prophet (PBUH) is not an easy task, because it is to write about a religion. The subject of this paper is about the tenets of a religion which is historic and its prophet who is also a historic personality.

Mohammed (PBUH) was the greatest man to ever walk to face of the earth. His actions and his contributions to not only the Islamic world but also to the entire world have left a legacy which will never be forgotten. To many this legacy has become their destiny, to follow the prophet’s commands and to be like him in every aspects of life. Even a hostile critic like Sir William Muir speaking about the holy Quran says that. "There is probably in the world no other book which has remained twelve centuries with so pure text" (Muir, 4, May 8, 2001, http://www. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is also a historic personality, every event of whose life has been most carefully recorded and even the minutest details preserved intact for the...