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Prophet Muhammad is the founder of the Islamic faith, and also the messenger of God. He is also known as the greatest prophet.

Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 AD in the city of Mecca in Arabia. He was born into a noble Quraish tribe, but at a young age, he became an orphan, and was raised by his uncle. At around 595 AD, a wealthy widow asked Muhammad to be the manager of her trading supplies to Syria. After Muhammad completed the task, she offered him marriage. Even though she was 15 years older than him, they married and had four daughters.

Muhammad was a very faithful and religious man, and he often meditated in caves in the mountains. He spent time thinking about the problems of Mecca, where religions were unimportant and the environment was unsafe. In the year 610 AD, at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, Muhammad heard a voice that said, “You are the messenger of God.”

Later Muhammad decided that it was the Archangel Gabriel that sent him the message from God. Muhammad found many messages from God during his meditations, and he felt that it was his duty to spread them to everyone.

Then Muhammad began to preach to a few people, at first. At around 612 AD, he started to preach publicly, and he soon gained more followers, especially young men. The leaders of the tribes of Mecca also began to resist Muhammad and his followers. In September 622 AD, Muhammad and his followers settled in Medina, also known as Yathrib.

Muhammad and his people fought many wars with other groups. In March 624 AD, Muhammad led an army of three hundred and defeated about eight hundred Meccans. Muslims, who were followers of the Islamic faith, believed that God was defending Muhammad. Another major event was that ten thousand Meccans tried to attack Medina, but Muhammad defended the city. After two weeks, the Meccans retreated. During the next following months, many people, like tribesman and some Meccans, joined Muhammad and became Muslims. In 630 AD, the treaty was signed and Muhammad entered the city of Mecca with triumph and ten thousand men.

After conquering Mecca in 630, Muhammad returned to Medina, where he died in 632. On his “Farewell Pilgrimage”, which is the last pilgrimage Muhammad took, he became ill and died. By the time Muhammad died, most of Arabian religion was converted into Islam.