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What is really jahiliyyah? There is so many definitions can be given through these terms and also be elaborate. There are many opinions that were given by Muslim scholars and others. Muhammad Qutb defines jahiliyyah as follows ' there is no faith towards Allah SWT and the activities of people are governed by his desire as Allah says.' Clearly, by his definition we can say that jahiliyah is an Islamic concept of ignorance divine guidance or to be exact as the state of ignorance of the guidance of god. The term jahiliyyah usually will be associated with Arabic Culture, because during that time jahiliyyah was the mainstream before the realization of the Islam revelation from the prophet Muhammad SAW.

The historial concept of jahiliyyah was derived from Arabia state, where during that time well known as a home of poets and amazing narators. During that time the men of Arabia were known and regarded as a passion, strong, bitter in hate and so much more to elaborate at. Those who could express eloquently in both characters and works together will be considered as the perfect man during that time. Furthermore, the term jahiliyyah is actually taken directly from the Quran where it is directly and specifically refers to pre-islamic Arabia as a 'time of ignorance'.

Ignac Goldziher who was the nineteenth century scholar translated the term jahiliyyah as barbarism because it is opposed to ignorance an alternative. Even so, William Shepard also points out that in pre-islamic literature, the words such as jahiliyyah was taken from the root j-h-l which mean primarily not ' ignorance' but most likely 'barbarism' or actually a tedency to go to extremes to behaviour.

What else can be signifying jahiliyyah? During the time of Arabia, it can be described as the worst...