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Proposal:         The project, traces the evolution of the electric guitar from the perspectives of both, engineers and inventors who brought it into being. We will try to show how technology changed its sound and the way to play it. It´s very interesting the millon of different sounds that can be heard by a guitar, and how technology provides each day a new sound, so thats why we are doing this project, because we are very interested in the convination of both, guitars and technology.

        We have different skills that help us to do this project, for example, We both play the guitar and like music, we know how to speack english, we have done many speaches for different classes, and we are interested in this topic. So, we espect to learn the changes in sound, the changes in guitars, and the influences of the best guitar players of the world while having to adapt their way of playin the instrument to technology.

        We must follow some steps to complete this project such as search for information from books, internet, and proffecionals; sumerize this information and take conclusions, Write an interesting and convinsing speach, and finally memorize it properly to show in class. Then we must search for a convinsing product, prepare it and expose it. The product we espect to have is a Video, and a poster with a time line, which we will work in our houses and in the Biblioteca de Olivos, which is a place that provide us with information.

        In every project we need to face problems, in this one, we espect to face problems such as don´t having enaugh time, finding few information about the progect, difficulties in speach while talking and having a non convinsing product.