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Snappy new graphic artist, k-Lo, who is being featured in this months' Communication Arts Advertising Annual, will be arriving in Seattle for the signing her new book, Cosmic Voodoo Lounge, Friday, July 23. The book, best represents k-lo's modish and paramount designs. "She really pulled out all the stops this time," said Beth McLean, her partner at Cosmic Voodoo Productions. "She really is gifted and a great artist. Keep your eye on her" she adds.

While attending the prominent Art Institute of Seattle, she received numerous design awards, even the coveted AIGA Student Design award, a first for a Seattle student. "At first she was having a real hard time, but after she over came her design fears she just bloomed," a former teacher from AIS said.

After graduation, k-Lo relocated to New York, working for several top design agencies, before settling in to her own design company. When asked why her own business? She replied, "I felt that it was time to work for myself.

I had worked for the best. It was time to take a step in the right direction for me both personally and professionally". That statement proved to be accurate. Within six months after the opening of Cosmic Voodoo Productions (k-Lo's design firm), the company landed such prominent accounts as: Skyy Vodka, Calvin Klein, Adobe Systems Inc, Burton Snowboards, and Starbuck's Coffee. Overall proving she can compete with the best of them. In an interview with k-Lo's former boss, Patrick McDonough of PMcD Designs in New York, stated "In a time were graphic design is on a rise, k-Lo has what it takes to stay on top. Her designs are fresh and hip for what market demands. I am positive her company is going to be the one to compete with in the years to...