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The Proposal Summary         Formed to establish equal rights, equal opportunity, and basic freedoms for all those within, The United States of America did just that; Unless, of course, led the life of a slave. From it's conception to 18XX, the year the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted, the country that was founded on the basis of freedom played host to a system of indentured servitude, slavery. Consisting mostly of African Americans, slaves were brought to this land of opportunity only to find lives embellished by cruelty, torture, and harsh labor. This dark period in American History is challenged only by the century of discrimination and continued injustice that followed. These times of persecution and repression represent the absolute worst in American theology, evoking every citizens' sense of regret and sorrow. However, for most African American Activists and some politicians, seeking, no doubt, only a swift ticket to office, sorry isn't quite to par.

Reparations, primarily in the monetary form, have been not only requested, but demanded in recent years.

Need         The presumption of such reparations, most certainly derived by the greatest minds of our time, embodies the absolute least the United States can do to be forgiven for the oversights of old. What better a way to subdue ancient sufferings than to significantly supplement the wallets of the current African American population. Although the recipients of such reparations endured, nor will they endure, such discrimination or suffering, it is the duty of the United States of America, a free and equal nation, to repent her sins and make right that of which decades ago was wrong, by enriching the descendants of those who were repressed. By suggesting otherwise, one can be tried for no less than treason. Surely the true and loyal American feels somewhat responsible for the injustices yielded by ancient...