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Is privacy and electronic monitoring in the work place an issue that is becoming a problem? Escalating amounts of workers are being monitored at present then ever before and the businesses that do it aren't letting off. The core issues that we intend to explore is the impact of monitoring technologies on employees.

How aware workers are of surveillance and if it affect work practices?Literature ReviewDavid Zweig, Workplace Monitoring: Can Employers Go Too Far?While many employees have their productivity monitored electronically (e.g., by tracking keystrokes or having their customer calls recorded), Zweig's research examines the impact that even so-called benign monitoring (labelled "benign surveillance systems" or "awareness monitoring systems") has on employees.

Kevin Bonsor, How Workplace Surveillance WorksCameras in the workplace keep an eye on employee activities. Bonsor exemplify the rationale behind “How electronic surveillance work?” and “Why it is being extensively used?” in workplaces today. Bonsor shows the intuition behind employees’ activities especially in large organizations whilst employers are away demonstrating the inevitability use of surveillance in terms of the organization benefit also the employees’ safety and wellbeing.

Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Ethical Implications of Employee Monitoring:What Leaders Should Consider?Muitaba investigates the pervasiveness and use of new as well as cheap technology which raise concerns of ethical implications on constant monitoring, while monitoring their employees’ actions and productivity, rise issues that employees feel it as an invasion of their privacy. Thus, the ethics of monitoring employees is explored and current practices are discussed. The author has included actual samples of employees’ perceptions and feelings from the surveys and discussions on being monitored.

Health Concerns, Monitoring In The Workplace"The stress of being monitored is killing me!" this site examines employees working under pressure resulting in stress and the occurrence of several illnesses. Electronic monitoring exerts pressure to perform, which makes working...