A proposal for advancement question : whats the next logical evolutionary step for mankind ?

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The human wheel of evolution has stopped turning. We, as a race, have stayed the same since we gained a cerebrum, and since then, have developed a society that shelters every man, woman and child no matter their disabilities and handicaps. Nature's "survival of the fittest" ceased to exist, breaking one of the spokes of the evolution wheel, and thus causing our body's advancement to cease as well. "Every man is created equal" is a common rule for almost every country spanning the globe and this rule, even though only ethically true, is the reason why the wheel has stopped. Also, this rule will not go away or change any time soon to let evolution keep progressing. My proposal is to bypass the rule altogether and let Earth have a new wheel with which to progress.

        Since humans make the rule of equality, they themselves are the problem countering evolution.

A solution presents itself though the breakthrough of cloning as researched by Ian Wilmut. This new procedure allows humans DNA to be replicated, and even spliced to be altered before replication. Through splicing the DNA and then improving it for better results, the cloned offspring could be artificially born stronger, faster, better and with a longer life span. New DNA from other species around the world could also be inserted into the DNA of the clonee. This new DNA would enhance eyes to be as sharp as an eagle's, hearing to be sonar as a bat's, smell to be as superior as a hound's, and breathing to develop gills for extracting oxygen from water. The selected cloned newborn would be an evolved form of a human but would be something more than human since everyone not undergoing splicing and altering of their DNA in this way would still be human.