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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DATE: November 6, 2001 SUBJECT: A proposal to research how radio communication can best be implemented 1.0         Introduction 1.1         Background of the proposal 1.2         Purpose of the proposal 1.3         Limitations to the proposal 1.4         Personal Qualifications 2.0         Statement of Project's Purpose 2.1         Subject being investigated In general our company proposes to manufacture and deploy new technology for radio communication, which will directly compete with the current form satellite radio. The new technology will consist of a more cost effective way to transmit continuous radio frequencies through the use of specially designed high-altitude aircrafts. These aircrafts will fly high enough to be out of the range of commercial traffic. However these aircrafts would still be 10 to 1,000 times closer to the user than a satellite. This closer proximity will provide the user with 10 times the available electrical power, which in turn creates a clearer, more definite frequency.

2.2         Basis for focusing on this subject Our company decided to restrict its research and focus on this subject due to the unlimited potential such technology in the communication field posses.

The main problem in broadcast radio communication is the limited range of the frequencies. However, this conflict was resolved with the creation of satellite radio. The satellites deployed for broadcasting these signals fly at a high enough altitude above the earth's atmosphere to not only broadcast a radio frequency over a large region, but also maintain a clear obstruction free signal. However using satellites for this type of technology is very costly with a high loss of investment if something was to go wrong during the deployment of these satellites.

2.3 3.0         Problem Analysis & Approach 3.1         The following are questions that our proposal aims to answer: 1)         Is there a market for this product? 2)         Who are the competitors? 3)         What other alternatives to delivering digital radio are there (other than satellite)? 4) ...