Proposal for establishing Al Mana used cars showroom, in Qatar.

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Proposal for establishing Al Mana used cars showroom, in Qatar.


        This study was initiated by Abdel Kader Ghalaieeny on October 1997. The General Manager of Al-Mana Motor Company wanted to determine the profitability of establishing a used car showroom to handle the trade in cars from their three dealerships, Ford, Jeep and Peugeot. The establishment of the showroom is important for several reasons, including: the trade in cars can be turned over more quickly and easily, improve image of company, and consequently, in the long term demonstrate profitability.

Used car showrooms are a valuable market place to sell pre-owned cars. Currently there are more than 60 showroom stand alone and few associated with dealerships, mainly around the city of Doha, Qatar. These showrooms vary from small to large, carrying between 10 to over 50 cars respectively. However, the size depends on the seasonal peaks and lows. According to Q-Tel telephone directory, there are at least 10 new car showrooms have opened during the past year and there were at least 5 showrooms that have closed or transferred title this year.

The majority are concentrated on 4 major areas. First, (south region) at Salwa Road, (24 showrooms) displayed in commercial buildings along the sides of the road, Second, the Industrial Area, (17 showrooms) mainly displayed along street no. 10 categorized by open space covered parking showrooms serve usually customers of the industrial area and usualy closed at sunset. Third, inside Doha city scattered all over the city (14 showrooms) in commercial zones and usually located in rental establishments except for showrooms associated with dealerships. Forth, north Doha, Gharafa area, holds a few showrooms mostly new and usually serve the residents of north Doha and north cities of Qatar (Umm Salal Ali, Khretiat, AL Khor). In general, some of these showrooms...