Proposal Paper on how i am going to choose a university to transfer to

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Nosipho Faku

Professor Bryant Davis

English 103

14 October 2014


The problem I am trying to solve is whether to transfer to The University of Maryland in Baltimore or Morgan State University also in Baltimore. I am writing this proposal to present a plan to research which university to transfer to. I will only research The University of Maryland in Baltimore and Morgan State University. To solve the problem, I will visit specific websites, read the universities' catalogues, interview people who have attended these universities as international students and attend information session at these universities. I will need eight days over a period of two weeks to solve this problem and $45.00.


The problem that I am trying to solve is deciding which school I should transfer to for my bachelor's degree. I need to decide soon so I can start planning. However, I am still not certain which university I want to attend.

I am currently on a student visa because I am an international student. Attending schools as an international student in the United States is very expensive- more than three times what a U.S. citizen would pay. My sister is currently paying for my tuition, and I know it will not be easy for her when I leave Montgomery College. As a result, I have to get into a good university that, at the same time, will not cost too much.

This problem is serious because, based on my Nursing major, I need to get a bachelor's degree to be successful in my career. If I do not earn my bachelor's degree, I will not reach my expectations of earning an annual salary of $90,000 or more. I will be without enough qualifications to move into my career that is a...