Proposal of Quality & Productivity Improvement

Essay by pgislander March 2010

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CONTENTSExecutive Summary iIntroduction1-2Products Quality –Products Defects 3Products Recalls 3Total Quality Management4-5Wastage Management – Wastage in The Production 6- Lean Production Systems6-7Frequent Machine Breakdown – Total Productive Maintenance8-9Poor Inventory Management & Control10- Enterprise Resource Planning10- ABC Analysis & Pareto’s 80/20 Rule11Production Floor Layout12-13Conclusion14-15References15EXECUTIVE SUMMARYA good product with the best features will not sustain in the market if they do not have a good quality. Consumer satisfaction is based on value for money products. Producing a good quality product is a just a beginning. Continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of the products is the key to be a market leader & staying ahead of its competitors. Eliminating the product defects & products recalls will definitely give us an edge while competing with competitors such as those from Mainland ChinaWith 5 years experience in the consumer electronics market, we have established ourselves as a major player in our field. With the fast rising of Mainland China into manufacturing sector, their lower production cost has created a new wave of competition in the market.

As new Operation Manager, I have identified a few areas that we urgently need to improve in order to increase productivity & stay competitive in the market.

1)Products Quality – There are quite a number of cases in product defects & product recall from end-user.

2)Wastage issues – Unnecessary wastes have gone down in the production without control.

3)Machine Breakdown – Frequency of machine breakdown has been recorded at a very high side & still increasing.

4)Inventory level – Inventory level has continuously increased & recorded at all time high last month.

5)Production Process & flow – chaotic in production floor when demand is high & running full shift.

Products Quality in serious need to look into as this is basic value of a product to customer.